kush berry chillz live resin

This extract is packed with flavours of eucalyptus, berries and cookies with gassy undertones that’s sure to pack a punch.

Pink Star Fruit diamonds

Packed with radically fruity flavours paired with funky, floral notes, these are the perfect companion for those electric nights where you can party like it’s 1980… Use ‘em in your dab rigs, dab pens, crush into your joints, or sprinkle over your bong bowl to keep the party goin’.

pink kush

This dense, golden brown, and wickedly potent indica that will have you kicking back for a night of the best 80’s movies.

sour blueberry

This delicious, dense, rich brown, and wildly potent sativa will keep you dancing the night away.

tropicali sour LIVE ROSIN

Turn your mental vacay mode on with this hella potent and wickedly delicious solvent-less extract.

maui mango CRUMBLE

A totally potent hybrid with a flavourful mix of sweet mango and tropical flavours, perfect for busy days or low key nights.

grapefruit kush CRUMBLE

Hella potent extract crafted with strain-specific indica inputs perfect for those radically chill nights.

hawaiian diesel punch crumble

This extract has been crafted with strain-specific sativa inputs perfect for those productive days leading into energizing nights.

Live amnesia haze RESIN

Find earthy flavours of zesty lemons and diesel with an insane 4-10% terpene range in this wickedly potent sativa.

live resin oversupply

Delicious live resin crafted from single strain flower that we’re blowing out at rock bottom prices.

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