Live Resin

kush berry chillz live resin

This extract is packed with flavours of eucalyptus, berries and cookies with gassy undertones that’s sure to pack a punch.

kush berry chillz

This live resin terp sauce cartridge is a wickedly potent concentrate that’s been crafted from fresh-frozen whole bud, housed in an all-in-one disposable (and rechargeable) vape.

Live amnesia haze RESIN

Find earthy flavours of zesty lemons and diesel with an insane 4-10% terpene range in this wickedly potent sativa.

live resin oversupply

Delicious live resin crafted from single strain flower that we’re blowing out at rock bottom prices.

mixtape special LIVE RESIN

Like your fave 80’s mixtapes, each bag rotates between unique and wicked strains keeping it fresh and exciting.

RAD Indica 1g Vape


Stellar extract that will give you that euphoric, chill vibe perfect for beating your high score at the arcade.

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